I am @benjamincode. I am a Dev/Youtuber from France. I do some pop music that you can check it out on YouTube if you want.

But I am also a web developer and part of that big community that is Instagram. I have always wanted to see pictures from people I follow in a different kind of layout. In a more comfy way than what Instagram gives us.
What I dislike the most about Instagram is the omnipresence of counters everywhere. It makes you feel that if you don't have enough likes and followers, your work is bad.
I wanted to get rid off that to keep only the good part of our grids. Be proud of your job, not your counters.

Have a good time using Betterinstagram and do not hesitate to share your own grid in Betterinstagram. I rediscovered a lot of my friends work using that new grid. I'm sure some of your friends will be glad to rediscover yours!


If you are on Instagram on a computer, checking an account that you would like to see here, just add "better" before the word instagram and type Enter, you will be brought here!